About Our Cleaners

About Our Cleaners

At My Clean Home we put a lot of effort into selecting and training our cleaners. Each cleaner has been interviewed at least three times with a different member of our team before they can start working as one of our cleaning team.

We know that if our cleaners do a great job, then we will become a great business. And that you will tell your friends about us.

That's why when we find a great cleaner, we look after them, and let them know how much we appreciate them... and that's why they stay with us for a very long time!

Our cleaners live locally and come from a number of backgrounds. Many of them have children in nursery or in school. They are looking for a job that they can work around school hours. Others already have part time jobs such as a chamber maid, or a school or office cleaner, and they are looking for additional hours during the week. They are all people who enjoy cleaning, enjoy working in the service industry, and like to be active and busy.

What Security Checks Do We Make On Your Cleaners?

We take recruitment very seriously at My Clean Home. This is why every cleaner who works for us has gone through a 5 stage vetting and interview procedure before they are allowed on their first clean. This involves checking current primary identification, and 3 interviews. Finally we make sure that we have 2 references for all of our staff so that we know their background and work history. Only when they have been through all these stages successfully are they able to start working for our company.

Once the cleaner has started working for us we then courtesy call all of their clients at the start of their new cleans to make sure that your cleaner's work is up to scratch, and that everything is running smoothly.

How Do We Find Our Cleaners?

We search out quality cleaners using a number of ways. One of the best is by asking our current cleaners to recommend a colleague of theirs who they've worked with before. Many of our cleaners have worked in hotels, hospitals, or schools as cleaners so they know a network of people who are often interested in working for us.

Another way is advertising locally. However we find our ladies, any cleaner who is interested in working for us has to go through our 5 stage recruitment process, including 3 interviews, identification checking, and reference checking.

How Can I Apply For a Job?

We are always looking for hard working and reliable people to join our growing company.