About Us

About Us

We are a small, family run business based in the Chester. We are not some huge franchise operation that tries to spread itself over the whole country but struggles to keep in touch with what is happening at a local level. This is our business, in our local area, and we care!

Our customers and our cleaners are the most important people to us. We know that our customers don't rely on us, we rely on them. They are doing us a kindness by offering us their business and allowing us to grow as a company.

We Love our Cleaners. We know that If we take care of our cleaners they will take care of us.

We'll Always Tell You the Truth

We have a policy to tell everyone everything and to tell them the truth. To be 100% honest. We are professionals and we believe our clients value us being straight with them.

We Are Your Responsible Cleaning Company

We aim to minimise the effect of our business on the local and global environment. We welcome any comments from clients and staff regarding ways we can improve.