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A January Clean Out

Posted by: Richard on
A January Clean Out

I am one of those people who loves Christmas and the new year. I love the decorations and the tree, the food, and gifts. I love the lot, always have. However... Come January 1st, I love to get up and take down all our decorations, take out the wreaths and the tree, put all the new toys back in the kid's rooms.. and get organised. I am getting ready for the new year.

One of the jobs I look forward to is sorting through our kitchen cupboard. I like to look through all the spices and herbs we have, all the sauces and condiments, the flour, sugar, tins, and jars.. and have a really good clear out of anything that is out of date, or is not getting used. That unusual jam from a farmers market I went to in Edinburgh or that marrow pickle off our friend with the allotment that never quite got eaten. I find it cathartic getting things in order by having a really good clearout. Ready for the new year.

Author: Richard