Terms & Conditions


My Clean Home may make changes to these terms and conditions as necessary. The current copy of our terms and conditions is posted on our website for your information.


  • These terms and conditions must be agreed and signed by our customers and an employee of My Clean Home.
  • If you give your cleaner the keys to any property, then you are responsible for the collection of the keys from the cleaner.


  • If your cleaner is unable to attend or on holiday please contact us if you would like us to schedule a replacement. We will work hard to offer a stand in cleaner at your usual time slot. Where this is not possible we will offer you a replacement within a working week.


  • My Clean Home provides public liability insurance for each cleaner to a maximum of £2,000,000.
  • We will not accept any responsibility for claims for less than £250 in value. Where the claim is greater than £250 our customer will be responsible to pay the initial £250 of any such claim.
  • My Clean Home cannot accept any responsibility for damages that are made when ironing.
  • The cleaner's use of bleach products or bleach based products (including Toilet duck) are at our customers own risk.
  • Our insurance policy has further terms and conditions. Please ask for more details from the My Clean Home office.


  • All customers must sign and return a Direct Debit instruction. These payments will continue until the agency agreement is ended as outlined below.
  • Direct Debit payments are a retainer fee and cover your annual insurance. As a result we regret that we are not able to refund them for any reasons.
  • Please pay our cleaners promptly at the end of their work.
  • All customers are responsible for cancelling the Direct Debit on ending of this agreement. If they fail to do so we will charge an administration fee of £25.00 to reimburse each payment plus any further administration costs incurred.
  • Please note all accounts beyond our terms will be passed to our debt collection agency. All accounts without exception will be subject to a surcharge of 19% plus Vat to cover our costs of recovery. These accounts will also be subject to any legal costs incurred in obtaining settlement.


  • Please give 31 days written notice to the My Clean Home office to end this contract.
  • If a customer asks a cleaner to work for them without the knowledge of My Clean Home then we will immediately end this contract. We will charge fees equal to 12 months and pursue them through the small claims court
  • Customers will not employ our cleaners for 12 months after the ending of this contract without the knowledge of My Clean Home. If the customer does so we will charge fees equal to 12 months agency fees.
  • Customers who cancel this contract before their cleaner has started, or without giving one month's written notice, will still be liable to pay one month's fees collected by Direct Debit.